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You Must Take Action!

You will need to go online to benefitSource to:

And, be sure to go to myLIIHealthMatters.com to check the status of your Preventive Screening and Wellness Assessment.

Taking these actions will help you avoid paying unnecessary additional premiums in 2015. And, by enrolling in a Health Care FSA, you can pre-fund your out-of-pocket medical expenses for 2015.

Please Note

Full details of all the benefit plans are included in the Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs) on benefitSource. Click here to view Legal Notices. 

Table of Contents

Have questions?

Contact benefitSource at (800) 284-4549
Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Central time.

Eligibility and Enrollment

Getting Started

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Health Matters
Wellness Program

You’re in the driver’s seat.

Good health is important. It helps you at work and at home. But getting and staying healthy is up to you. You have to take charge and take steps each day to live healthy.

It’s as easy as 1…2…3…

1. Get Informed
2. Take Action
3. Live Well

1. Get Informed

LII offers a wealth of free health and wellness resources to help you get informed about your health status and any risks – like free Preventive Screenings, and our wellness web site myLIIHealthMatters.com. Once you’ve completed your Preventive Screening and Wellness Assessment go to myLIIHealthMatters.com to compare this year’s results to last year’s to track your progress on the road to health.

To avoid paying more for health insurance in 2015, you must:

  • Pass 3 of 5 risk measures, or
  • If you pass fewer than 3 risk measures, improve last year’s “at-risk” measures so that the combination of risk measures passed and “at-risk” measures improved is equal to or greater than 3.*

If this is your first Preventive Screening at LII, you will not have last year’s results for comparison or improvement. You will begin comparisons during the 2015 Preventive Screening period.

*If you are unable to meet these requirements, you and your physician may recommend an alternative by contacting Accountable Health Solutions at (877) 475-3442.

2. Take Action

Once you know your health risks, it’s time to get serious about improving your health – especially if you have 3 or more health risks. Take action by making simple changes like increasing your level of exercise or changing your diet. LII also helps by providing benefits and resources to help you on your health-improvement journey, such as:

  • Routine preventive care covered at 100%
  • X-rays and lab work covered at 100%
  • Free health coaching
  • Free prescription drugs for chronic conditions
  • Free tobacco cessation/weight management coaching
  • Free flu shots

3. Live Well

Go to myLIIHealthMatters.com and start using it regularly. You’ll find great wellness tools and resources on the site, like:

  • Wellness coaches
  • Your personal health information
  • Seminars, newsletters and health tips
  • Fitness and nutrition trackers

All of these resources in one place make it easy for you to take action, stay motivated and take your health to the next level.

You’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to your health!

Good health is important. It helps you at work and at home. But getting and staying healthy is up to you. You have to take charge and take steps each day to live healthy.

Fortunately, LII makes it easier by providing FREE health and wellness resources and services to help you know your risks, improve your health and track your progress along the way.

Check out the tools on the next page, all designed to help manage your health and save money on health care services.

You’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to your health!


The 2015 LII medical plan options are built to:
  1. Provide comprehensive and affordable choices
  2. Support your efforts to stay healthy
  3. Allow you to best manage your health care dollars

We know everyone’s health care needs are different. That’s why LII offers two medical plan options – the Green Option and the Blue Option.

Quick Overview
Paycheck Costs
Additional Monthly Premiums

Quick Overview

Both the Green Option and the Blue Option:
  • Offer 100% coverage for preventive care
  • Provide free lab services and x-rays in an office setting or at an independent lab facility
  • Give you the freedom to see any provider
  • Reimburse at 80% after deductible for in-network providers
  • Offer the same prescription drug coverage through Express Scripts

Regardless of which option you choose, you will receive the highest level of benefits when you use a BCBS network provider.

For more information about the medical plan, go to  benefitSource or call BCBS at (800) 494-7218.

Paycheck Costs

2015 Monthly Medical Premiums*

  Green Option Blue Option
Employee Only $68.00 $136.00
Employee + Spouse $127.00 $267.00
Employee + Child(ren) $120.00 $252.00
Employee + Family $184.00 $384.00

*Important: Premiums do not include additional charges that may apply for working spouse coverage, tobacco use and failure to complete or pass required screenings.

Additional Monthly Premiums

  You Your
Covered Spouse

Preventive Screening and Wellness Assessment
Failure to Complete and Pass Preventive Screening and Wellness Assessment

 $75 $75

Tobacco Use
You are a tobacco user
You do not validate your tobacco use status during enrollment

$150 $150

Working Spouse Coverage
If your spouse is eligible for coverage under his/her employer’s plan and elects LII coverage
If you do not designate that your spouse does not have employer coverage during enrollment

N/A $100

Pre-fund your out-of-pocket health care expenses and save money tax-free.

Click here to learn more.

Green or Blue
which is right for you?

Use the BCBS Health Plan Cost Estimator tool during enrollment to find the best fit for your needs.

Prescription Drugs

Regardless of the medical option you choose…

  • You will have the same Rx coverage and a $150 Rx deductible per person
  • LII pays for the majority of your drug costs after your deductible(s)
  • You can save money by using

Beginning in 2015, your Rx expenses will have an out-of-pocket maximum. Once you reach that dollar amount, LII pays 100%.


Good dental care not only protects your smile, it can help you stay healthy. LII’s dental plan — provided through MetLife — offers you access to a great selection of participating provider discounts. Be sure to choose a MetLife dentist to receive in-network benefits and save money.

Once your coverage is effective, go to the MetLife link on benefitSource to print an ID card.

Quick Overview
Paycheck Costs

Quick Overview

With MetLife’s Preferred Dentist Program, you'll enjoy:

  • Freedom of choice to go to any dentist
  • Additional savings when you visit a participating dentist
  • Service where and when you want it
  • Educational tools and resources to help you and your dentist make more informed choices

For more information on your dental plan benefits or to find a dentist, go to  benefitSource or call MetLife (800) 942-0854.

Paycheck Costs

2015 Monthly Dental Premiums
Employee Only $21.00
Employee + Spouse $42.00 
Employee + Child(ren)  $43.00
Employee + Family $69.00


Eye exams, contact lenses, glasses…your eyes can get the care they need with LII’s vision plan. The plan allows you to see any doctor, although you will receive in-network benefits and save money if you choose a VSP provider. Once your coverage is effective, go to the VSP link on benefitSource to view in-network providers.

Paycheck Costs

2015 Monthly Vision Premiums
Employee Only $10.36
Employee + Spouse $15.03
Employee + Child(ren) $18.17
Employee + Family $27.33

Flexible Spending Accounts

Save money and pre-fund out-of-pocket expenses!

It’s a lot easier to stash away money from each paycheck than to try to cover medical expenses and dependent day care all at once. Flexible spending accounts (FSAs) help you set aside money — a little at a time — each pay period to reimburse yourself for eligible health care and dependent day care out-of-pocket expenses. So, you’ll have money to pay for expenses during the year! And, as an added benefit the money you contribute to the FSA is tax-free.

​New $500 Carryover for FSA!

You can now carry over $500 in your Health Care Flexible Spending Account from one year to the next. So, if you don't spend it all in the current year, you won't lose it. Instead, you can use it to cover qualified health care expenses in the next year.

Flexible Spending Accounts


By contributing to a Health Care FSA, you can pre-fund your annual deductible and out-of-pocket medical expenses. The full amount you elect is available January 1.

More Great Benefits

Beyond health care coverage, LII also offers the following benefit options to help protect your income and give you peace of mind. Be sure to review the following plan information so you can take advantage of these great benefit offerings.

401(k) and Employee Stock Purchase Plan

LII partners with Fidelity Investments® to offer you the LII 401(k) Retirement Plan and the Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP). With the Lennox International Retirement Service Center and Fidelity Investments NetBenefits® online tool, answers to your retirement plan and ESPP questions are just a click or phone call away.

401(k) and Employee Stock Purchase Plan

Lennox International Retirement Service Center

(866) 783-5225

Fidelity Stock Plan Services

(800) 544-9354

How to Enroll

There are two ways to enroll in your LII benefits:

Don’t miss your chance!

  • Current Employees

    2015 Annual Enrollment
    NOV. 1-15

  • New Employees

    31 days from your benefits effective date

Even if you aren't making changes to your benefit elections this year, you must validate your tobacco use and working spouse status to avoid paying up to $400 extra per month in additional fees in 2015.

Once you’ve completed the enrollment process, please review your confirmation statement and print a copy for your records.

If you have any questions or need help, contact a benefitSource Representative at (800) 284-4549 Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Central time.

Don’t have Internet access?

If you don’t have Internet access, you can enroll by contacting a benefitSource representative at (800) 284-4549

Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Central time.

Help is just a call away!

Contact benefitSource at (800) 284-4549

Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Central time

Provider Topic Phone
Medical (800) 494-7218
Call-a-Coach Wellness (855) 493-2941
CNA Long Term Care (800) 266-2904
Express Scripts Prescription Drugs (877) 586-2066
Fidelity Investment Stock Plans Services ESPP (800) 544-9354
Hyatt Legal Plan Legal Services (800) 821-6400
Voya Financial Life, AD&D, Accident and Critical Illness Insurance (800) 955-7736
Lennox International Retirement Service Center 401(k)  (866) 783-5225
Magellan Work Life Program (800) 424-6015
MetLife Dental (800) 942-0854
MetLife Disability (800) 858-6515
MetLife Group Auto & Home Insurance (800) 438-6388
TaxSaver FSAs (800) 328-4337
VSP Vision (800) 877-7195